Florian Papp


Item: G348     Size: H 14 / W 18     $28000

Follower of Fioravanti, late 17th C, “Interior with Pillows”, pair oils on panel. This charming pair of paintings evoke the unrestrained ostentation of Roman pomp in the seventeenth century and were created by a follower of Fioravino. He made a specialty of still fils, flowers, and fruit. The sumptuous interiors are decorated with richly embroidered cloths, curtains and pillows complete with tassels, gold braiding and fringes and each with a vase of flowers. One includes a small dog and painting while the other has a mirror, parrot, and arms and armor. The cushions are the artists specialty, a kind of signature, that helps identify his work. See “Life and the Arts in the Baroque Palaces of Rome, Roman Still -Life” by E. Safarik, page 71-81. Italian, Late 17th Century